CAeHC’s primary purposes are focused upon the promotion of health by improving the quality, safety, availability, accessibility and efficiency of health care services for all persons through the support of, and education and research relating to, the development and use of health information technology with appropriate privacy and security protections, and the creation and operation of health information exchange organizations, relationships and systems.

We partner with organizations around the state as we strive to achieve our mission, consistent with that of the state, which is to provide an open and inclusive approach for eHealth activities in California that will drive the development of secure access to clinically-relevant information at the point of care.  CAeHC focuses on implementation strategies, standards development and diffusion, meaningful use and outcomes measures with case studies from live production exchanges occurring around the state and across the nation.

CAeHC works in close cooperation with local and regional HIOs, healthcare institutions that are technically sophisticated, a variety of other healthcare stakeholders, and California’s Privacy and Security Advisory Board. The California eHealth Collaborative (CAeHC) is a California nonprofit public benefit corporation, organized with a view to qualifying for exemption from tax as a charitable organization described in IRC Sec. 501(c)(3) incorporated in August, 2009.

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