Update on CalHIPSO

California eHealth Collaborative is pleased to present a session with the California Health Information Partnership and Services Organization (CalHIPSO). CalHIPSO is an organization founded by clinical providers, for clinical providers, to help them successfully navigate through the complicated world of electronic health records (EHR) implementation. Its founding organizations are the California Medical Association (CMA), the California Primary Care Association (CPCA) and the California Association of Public Hospitals & Health Systems (CAPH).

CalHIPSO is responsible for a wide range of activities in California related to identifying and signing up physicians for EHRs, vendor vetting, workforce development, regulatory activities, reporting, developing and implementing privacy and security best practices, and group purchasing.

We will hear from Speranza Avram, MPA, Executive Director, as well as from Dr. Richard Swofford, PhD, Chief Technology Officer and Reena Samantaray, MPA, Director of Education and Outreach. They will talk about the progress that CalHIPSO has made thus far, and it’s plans going forward.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010, 1:00pm Pacific
Speranza Avram, MPA, Executive Director, CalHIPSO
Introduction [PDF] – 736KB, Presentation [to be added]

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2 Responses to Update on CalHIPSO

  1. laura thompson says:

    Will these webinars be archived so people can listen later is they missed the session?

    • Jeff Gutman says:

      We have all of the webinars stored in an archive currently. We hope to post them online in the next few weeks for people to access, but for now I can send you a direct link to any particular webinar you’d like to listen to. Let me know and I can send you a link.

      Jeff Gutman