CAeHC chosen to participate in the SCANNER project

SCANNER—the SCAlable National Network for Effectiveness Research—is a three-year, project funded by an $8.3-million AHRQ grant to UCSD ( The goal of SCANNER is to simplify the integration of data from multiple health care systems in order to facilitate comparative effectiveness research. To accomplish this, SCANNER will create the computer systems and architecture necessary for secure, privacy-compliant health information exchange that begins with data collected at the point of care and enables use of the same data in comparative effectiveness research. SCANNER will build on and expand existing electronic health IT infrastructure to create a broad, scalable network capable of accommodating many different systems.

SCANNER partners include:

·     Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, Mass.

·     Charles Drew University of Medicine at UCLA

·     San Francisco State University

·     Vanderbilt University and Medical Center in Nashville, Tennessee

·     Rand and Resilient Trust Network Systems

CAeHC is affiliated with SCANNER through SFSU. Its role is to provide administrative and project management support and to reconcile the privacy and security policies of participants in different states that are essential to exchanging personal health information for comparative effectiveness research.

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